Newsletter Template Customization – 4 Essential Tips

Newsletter templates which are well designed and crafted can generate great results and conversions for your email campaigns. A ready-made email template can free you from having to design one yourself so that you can focus on delivering the marketing message instead.

Most newsletter email templates are easy to customize thus you have the choice to edit them and create a layout that you like from the base design. If you intend to customize your own newsletter templates, here are 4 essential tips you can use:-

1. Branding, Branding, Branding

Your recipient is probably a newsletter subscriber to other email newsletters as well. Thus you need to ensure your brand is integrated within your email template so that it remains distinct from the others.

This simply means you need to customize the template design to incorporate your company logo, your website, and even integrating the colors and design of your website within the template if possible.

You’ll want your recipients to instantaneously identify your brand each time the email you send out reaches their inbox. This is an effective way to get more emails opened as they would easily be recognizable via branding.

2. Keep Your Design To The Optimum

If you are still using text-only emails, you are probably losing out. As most people are visually attracted to creative designs, you should add visual appeal to your email template by having it designed with HTML or getting ready-made html newsletter templates.

Keep in mind that the layout and writing should still be newsletter-friendly and not look like a website. Ensure that you maintain a simple, clean design and although a html version newsletter can visually appeal, too much colors and graphics can baffle and distract your recipients.

3. Let Your Readers Follow The Links

The common mistake of most newsletters is that they are strewed with links all over the place making it visually disorganized. Links are necessary where appropriate. Read that again. Having links with a purpose of getting recipients to visit your website and view your offers is important for a successful email campaign.

Having a compressed message on what you have to offer within your newsletter is just as crucial. You are actually preselling your recipients on what they could expect and if they want to find out more, a link positioned at the end of the short write-up is necessary.

4. When Less Advertising Is Best

Newsletter template customization allows you to be as flexible as you want when marketing your products. Unless your readers are subscribed to an online store newsletter, you should keep advertising to a minimum.

As your recipients get bombarded daily with sales messages in their emails, another one practically pitching something to sell may not go down well with them even though they signed-up to receive your emails. Simply create as much value to them as possible and you will be rewarded in the long run.

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