Need A Successful Email Campaign? 3 Tips To Avoid The Spam Filter

Successful email marketing campaigns can boost your direct sales and credibility as well as becoming an indirect referral tool as well. Talk about being viral and economical.

One of the problems that comes with email marketing is that due to most email clients being free and globally available, it has come under attack of spammers. This results in emails getting blocked due to strict spam filters.

The only way to have a successful email campaign is to avoid your emails getting blocked by spam filters and reaching your recipients’ inbox. So how do you deal with this?

Make sure you select the right words

One of the ways emails are analyzed before getting through to the inbox is by filtering out spam trigger keywords which have been preset by each major email client. Many words such as the name of certain drugs are known to trigger the spam filters. Even the harmless word – free – has been classified as spam.

Make it your priority to steer clear of such words while staying professional with your email campaigns.

Optimize your email formatting

When you format your email, make sure you do not use too much colors, fonts, images, etc. which may get your email filtered out as spam. Simply keep them clean and professional.

One of the ways to circumvent the images problem is to have a custom-designed email template where you can have email as one big image with all the graphics and content within.

Be consistent with your branding

If you plan to send out newsletters on a regular basis, do use an email template designed to be consistent with your branding. This ensures that your email newsletters look and feel the same throughout.

This allows your recipients to differentiate your emails from the others and not reporting them as spam by mistake. Getting your emails flagged as spam may reduce future emails from getting into the inbox of certain email providers.

There you have it. The right word selections, an optimized email format and consistent branding throughout can help you avoid the spam filters and boost your email marketing campaigns.

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