How To Write A Winning Event Email Invitation

It is now not uncommon to send event invitations via email. Compared to physical invitations via conventional mail, email event invitations is a great way to control costs while helping to save the environment at the same time.

These 3 tips should help you write a winning event email invitation.

Choosing a captivating subject line

For any email message to be effective, you need your recipients to open the email in the first place and the secret here lies on your email subject line. If your opening line does not catch the attention of your recipients, your email will not be opened and probably sent to the thrash bin.

Opt for an opening line that will grab their attention and cause them to open your email to see your actual invitation. Your opening line should give a hint of the contents of your email and one that will give your recipient an idea that they’re getting an invitation instead of the usual email.

Personalizing your subject line

Studies have shown that when a person sees their name on the subject line, he or she is 7 times more likely to be attracted to the email and opening it. The same goes for names belonging to the company they are working for or a group or association they belong to. This shows that the email is particularly meant for them, thus increasing the chances of them opening and reading your email invitation.

Make your invitation as visually engaging as possible

Being the main area of your email message, the body of your email should give your recipients all the details of the invitation. This is where you can start to be creative and make the invitation as visually engaging as possible.

Consider hiring a graphics designer to design a custom email template for your invitation and a copywriter to craft an enticing message. Along with attractive graphics and catchy headlines, your invitation should contain as much information about your event as possible.

Taking action with an RSVP

All email event invitations should include an RSVP. This way, your recipients are encouraged to take action and respond by confirming their attendance. Try to make the RSVP process as easy as possible for your recipients. It can be as simple as a clickable button at the end of the invitation or a link that will take them to a page where they can confirm their attendance. The lesser the steps to RSVP your event, the higher the chances that your recipients will take action and provide a response.

Now, get started writing that winning event email invitation.

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