Email Subjects – A Short Lesson In Length And Personalization

Email subjects are the first thing readers will see when they open their email regardless of the email clients they are using.

You might have read that it is better to have short email subject lines but it’ll certainly improve your email open rate if you have a subject line that sums up the information you want to get across to your readers using as little words as possible or giving them a sort of incentive for them to open the email.

In order to get a higher email open response rate, keep your email subject lines short and to the point but do not forget to use words that can trigger the reader to want to find out the content of the email.

Writing long subjects could also get most of it truncated depending on the email clients thus the critical need for eye-catching, trigger words.

Now let’s take a look at personalizing subject lines. Do you think having your recipient’s name as part of the subject line can increase your email open rate? How about using a simple first name versus using a full name?

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule on adding a name to the email subject and it very much depends on the business context. While it may be appropriate for some businesses, it just may look out of place for another.

You can gain credibility with email personalization but it just may not work for your brand so always test to find out what works best for your business.

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